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Welcome to the INTIMA experience!


    INTIMA provides a worldwide, convenient, anonymous, online connection to certified sex educators through an app and web-based, video-conferencing and messaging platform.  Articles and videos help you identify challenges you may be having, but ideally, a real-time conversation with a certified sex educator will allow you to address the nuances of your specific situation. We help individuals and couple of all ages and experience levels learn interpersonal skills and dynamic sexual practices which contribute to fulfilling relationships. Our coaches and educators address an array of sexual challenges, but specifically help clients looking for basic information, or who feel their intimate relationships have diminished due to inexperience, distraction, ever-shifting life circumstances or lack of knowledge.

INTIMA customizes the counseling experience around the comfort level of the client and help those who find certain websites either beyond their needs or interest or unhelpful because of the incorrect or lack of depth of the information provided.  Intima specifically helps those who need answers to simple questions about sex or who need to strengthen their foundational sexual skills. We assist in improving the quality of intimacy by teaching associated communication skills, sexual relationship prioritization, and the sexual attitudes, desires and responses of males vs. females. Intima’s trained and certified educators and coaches will answer your questions and guide you to overcome challenges and sexual frustrations.


    Just because our bodies have the capacity to have sex, doesn't necessarily mean we automatically know how to do it best. Sex is a skill just like any other learned skill where proficiency is much like learning to budget money, cook well, or maintain a car. As life evolves and circumstances change, we need to be aware of how this affects our sexual needs, capacity and desires.  Even the most experienced individuals can benefit from our services as they progress through the lifespan! INTIMA educators and coaches are here to help you make these adjustments and transitions more smoothly.
    We believe a healthy sexual relationship begins with communication, trust, honesty, and respect for personal desires and boundaries as individuals give consent for sexual activities between them and their partners.  We will show, that as we take personal responsibility for our own emotions, desires and preferences in situations that affect the sexual climate of our relationships, we will find more fulfilling intimacy. Likewise, we believe it is important for one to obtain a personal knowledge of how their body works when sexually stimulated, as well as an understanding of how their partner’s body works. INTIMA facilitates this foundational approach that will allow you to obtain a healthy emotional, spiritual, mental and physical relationship that will ensure a lasting, fulfilling experience between couples.


    INITIMA’s educators and coaches respect the values of their clients. They adhere to standards set by the National Association of Social Workers as well as the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists. Our educators and coaches take great care in ensuring a client-focused experience to assure that your personal values will be at the forefront of each conversation.  Our purpose is NOT to dissuade from, or in any way suggest changing your sexual values, only to educate within the boundaries a client has set.


    Our education and coaching approach is an adaptation of the “PLISSIT” counseling model. This is an acronym that stands for PERMISSION, LIMITED INFORMATION, SPECIFIC SUGGESTIONS, and INTENSIVE THERAPY. The adaptation mentioned, however, is that we do NOT offer the final stage of “intensive therapy.” Those needing this type of service are immediately referred over for in-office counseling.

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